Our Story

Want to look good while living life to the fullest? You've come to the right place.

OUR MISSION To provide high quality, stylish Athleisure for men. Designed in Australia, made for the world!

WHAT IS ATHLEISURE Athleisure - where athletic meets leisure apparel.

WHO ARE WE? Sydney based owners Matt and Cam, are two active and fashionable individuals who were sick of being billboards for clothing labels and being forced to wear unfashionable fitness apparel. That is where Basix Apparel comes in - the perfect combination of fitness and lifestyle apparel or 'Athleisure'. We will have you looking your best whether you're working out or grabbing a coffee with friends.

THE HASHTAG - #LifeIsBasix because life should be basic. In a world full of ever growing demands and an obsession with being 'busy', Basix attempts to simplify things. We believe in a healthy balance with an emphasis on physical and mental health. We were instantly gravitated to the term 'Athleisure' because it symbolises balance, something that the Basix team is very passionate about.

So join the Basix team and start living #LifeIsBasix




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