The 'Athleisure' Trend

We have all heard about 'Athleisure', a new trend where gym clothes can not only be worn for a workout but also in a casual setting. With the emergence of the Youtube sensation 'Activewear' this trend is picking up speed and not just because of the hilarious video. Gone are the days of sloppy gym shorts and t-shirts, people are now opting for fitness-inspired apparel that is stylish and comfortable. 

And it's not just woman who are on board. Athleisure is spiking with men as they want clothes that suit their lifestyle. Rishi Bali, founder and CEO of Yogasmoga,an active clothing brand, explains how yoga clothes have started to adopt this trend.  "Men love that these athleisure pieces are so versatile. Going from gym to life is so much easier now."

So whether it's grabbing a Sunday morning coffee, a run after work or a beer with mates, althleisure pieces allow men to have clothes they can wear anywhere, anytime and most importantly with no hassle. 

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